inDepth Jazz Clinics

Rockville, MD ph. 410-295-6691


inDepth Jazz Clinics serve musicians from the Washington DC area and many other states. Our focused and practical one day jazz workshops will help you take your singing and playing to the next level.

We’ve helped many gifted amateurs and semi-pros get their chops up and get gigging! If you’re feeling musically stale, we’ll inspire you. Want to branch out from another genre such as classical, blues or rock? We’ll get you playing some great jazz.

You may have attended or heard about our other jazz workshops. Maryland Summer Jazz is our annual festival of workshops, jams and concerts in July. The Jazz Band Masterclass series includes twice-a-month combo sessions. inDepth Jazz Clinics complement these and similar programs, with many opportunities for a one day musical tune-up each year. ...
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